The importance of choosing the correct roof trusses

The importance of choosing the correct roof trusses is simple: inevitably, site installation problems will arise without roof trusses being correctly sized and specified.

Roof trusses account for around 80% of roof builds today, giving the illusion they have always been the preferred roof framework. Go back a few decades, and rafters and ceiling joists were more common in all building types.

It’s no exaggeration to say that roof trusses revolutionised roof framing. Whereas rafters and ceiling joists needed cutting to size and building onsite, trusses could be manufactured off-site to precise specifications. Outsourcing this production freed up time and reduced the amount of onsite labour significantly.

Roof trusses also use less material and produce less waste. They are linked together by tooth plates, giving the roof frame greater pound-for-pound strength than rafters and joists, so heavier, modern membranes can be installed.

Choosing the right trusses

If you are an inexperienced builder, we recommend consulting a roofer to design your roofing system. A roofer will size and specify the right roof trusses for you, which you can then order from us for delivery on a set date.

To size and specify the right trusses, a roofer will consider:


Roof trusses can be made of TR26 timber, sustainably sourced in accordance with BS EN 14081, or sustainably sourced oak. TR26 is lighter than oak but just as strong, although both offer similar strength and weight-bearing performance.


When sizing roof trusses, a roofer will take into account the roof base, truss span, overhangs and on-centre spacing. Without seeing your building, we can’t help but you can use this roof truss calculator as a starting point.

Roofing system

The roofing system you intend to install will determine the thickness of the trusses. Thicker trusses are needed for heavier roofs. A roofer will consider the membranes and tiles you use and the total weight of the roof per square metre.

Get expert advice

Our trussed rafter roofs are individually designed and manufactured in our West Yorkshire factory. You can speak to us about your project anytime.

We use modern engineering methods to manufacture roof trusses to precise specifications, helping home builders build roofs that will last a lifetime.

If you’re building a roof, we can help size and specify suitable roof trusses. Call us on 01924 730 103 or email Thank you.

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