Metal web joists

Our Wolf Systems’ metalwebs offer unique strength characteristics that enhance the design of the Wolf easi-joist® metal web floor system, providing longer span capability with the benefit of open web design.

Metal Web Floor Joists

Ease and Speed of installation
Our metal web floor joists are made to your specific requirements in our factory and delivered to you, they are easy and quick to install and reduce time and waste on-site.

Increased span capability
Our metal web joists give additional strength when compared to traditional alternatives and can negate the need for additional load-bearing walls so you can create larger rooms.

Flexibility for services
Open web construction is ideal for accommodating services and makes for simpler installation and reduced labour costs for the installation of pipework, cabling and ductwork.

What are metal web joists?

Metal web joists are timber chords with pressed metal webs between them, creating interconnected joists. The open-web structure provides access for service, letting us install pipes, cabling and ducting through the structure.

Metal web joists are strong, industrial-grade structural components primarily chosen when access for services needs to be built into the design.

How are metal web joists used?

Metal web joists are used for floors, walls and roofs in the case of metal web rafters, reducing weight while retaining (and in some cases improving) strength. Webbed joists also reduce waste and speed up build times.

Metal web joists speed up build times through speedier manufacturing and installation and by reducing on-site waste from cutting and milling.

Why TimberStruc for metal web joists? 

We size, specify and design metal web joists using Wolf Systems products. Wolf Systems’ patented metal webs are built to EP 1 985 774 A1 – the strongest on the market – so we can use fewer materials and lower costs.


Our metal web joists are individually designed and manufactured at our factory in West Yorkshire. We offer joists to suit all sizes and depths, providing a complete manufacturing solution without any headaches.

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