Metal Web Joists: what they are and how they can be used in your home

If you’re looking for quality products and a versatility in your build, look no further than our Wolf easi-joist® Metal Web floor and roof systems.

The flexibility and ease of install of these systems makes it the choice for many builders and the very nature of the product makes it fantastic for follow on trades to work with when installing cabling, pipework, ductwork and any other services that need to be hidden in the floor and roof zones.

Take a look at some of the other advantages that you could gain from this increasingly popular product:

  1. Flexibility of the design: Thanks to their span capability it is possible to create larger open plan areas with less mid span supports which is fantastic for homebuilders, and practical for commercial users.
  2. Quick, easy, installation: Metal Web joists are relatively light in weight in relation to their length, this not only helps speed up installation but can also reduce the need from mechanical handling and reduce H&S risks that come from manual handling.
  3. Made to measure: Easi-joists® are made to measure reducing site wastage.
  4. Easy flooring and plasterboard fixing: Wide top and bottom flange surface areas make the fixing of flooring and plasterboard much easier and more robust.
  5. Reduced risk of squeaky floors: The use of smaller timber sections together with the metal webs means that there is less shrinkage and a reduced risk of squeaky floors
  6. A sustainable choice: With timber being one of the most sustainable materials worldwide, metal web joists provide a truly sustainable solution. Click here to read more about our sustainable practices.
Thanks to their span capability it is possible to create larger open plan areas with less mid span supports which is fantastic for homebuilder.

Having supplied a large volume of web joists over the last 2 years, we are confident that our Metal Web Joist can work for you. Our focus as with all our products is working with our clients to solve their challenges and meet their needs.

One of our more recent projects working with Denby Dale’s Walker Group serves as a great example of this. In this instance, joists that we were asked to supply ended up accommodating a late architectural amendment to the roof design, marrying it to perfection. It’s always extremely rewarding seeing the payoff for such extensive operations and we’re easily able to take pride in the quality of our manufacturing process from start to finish.

If you’d like any more information regarding our metal web joists and services that we can provide, get in touch with us.

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