Every stage of this process included sustainably sourced Timber.

What we’ve been up to: The Cotebrook project

Working to deadlines is critical in the construction industry and its something we pride ourselves on at TimberStruc, however we must never forget the importance of maintaining our quality and reliability in doing so.

The Cotebrook project has been a test for us with tight deadlines, a challenging design phase and complex manufacturing all coming together on these two stunning detached properties with a project value of over £2million.

The products and services TimberStruc provided on this scheme have allowed our client to maintain their build programme, whilst creating two beautiful properties where they have maximized on the usable floor space within the dwellings.

Products supplied were:

Easi-Joist metal web system (1st Floor Level): We have helped create large open span rooms at ground floor level using the strength and flexibility of the Wolf Easi-joists® system, also removing the need for additional structural steel work due to its excellent span capabilities. Our customer also saw the benefit from the use of the Metal Web system by making the installation of pipework, cabling and ductwork much easier for the follow-on trades.

The use of a top hung support detail has also allowed the customer to hide the remaining structural steelwork with the floor zone removing the need for additional battening out to hide the bulkheads in the ceiling lines below. Creating robust structural systems is always the starting point, but we can add aesthetic value when engaged early enough in the design process.

Raised Tie Roof Trusses (Roof Level): As part of our design service we worked to develop a scheme using Raised Tie Trusses which resulted in the creation of some eye pleasing vaulted ceilings giving the properties a high end feel while maximizing the usable space.

One of the main challenges we had with the roofs was to work within some fairly restrictive planning conditions where the heights of the ridges had to be kept to a minimum, the use of the Raised Tie Truss system made this possible, without having to compromise on the end results.

Another benefit for the end user was the removal of the originally specified cranked steel frames, this not only took cost out of the build but also helped logistically by allowing the roof structures to be completed in a reduced period of time.

Getting the buildings watertight was of the upmost importance to our customer and our ability to measure, prepare final designs, manufacture and deliver each of the floors and roofs within a 2- week period made this possible in a small window of opportunity.

All of the above has been undertaken using sustainably sourced Timber, which is an environmentally friendly a product that is good to work with and capable of providing a fantastic end result.

If you’d like further information on our services, contact us today.

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