oak pool with oak roof trusses

The Oak Pool Room Project: Bringing a vision to life

It’s amazing what you can create when you have people with ideas, vision, knowledge and experience.

Working closely with our customers is something we love to do and this Oak Pool Room Project is a great example of how the process works.

The enquiry: 

Our customer contacted us with a limited brief, ‘we would like a price for an Oak Car Port, with 3 bays and approximately 5m x 12m.

Initial Site Meeting:

We met with the client to get a better idea on what they were looking for, during the meeting it became apparent that there may some limiting factors involved in erecting a car port in the area they were looking at and the conversation turned to the work being undertaken in the garden. At this point we started talking about the possibilities of building an Oak Structure next to the outdoor pool that was being refurbed.

We took site dimensions to understand what space we had to work with, then went away to see what we could come up with.


Concept to Final Design:

Over the coming months we worked closely with our customer to develop a final solution that fitted the bill, costs were agreed, and the order was placed.

Full engineering of the structure was then undertaken, and once complete we finalised our drawings for fabrication.

Manufacture and Installation:

All the structural Oak components were hand crafted in our factory, along with roof trusses and timber frame infill panels to complete the structure ready for cladding. We also supplied the cladding materials to finish off the exterior of the building.

In this instance the install was undertaken by the customer working closely with our design team to ensure all the information was there for them to put the kit together correctly. We do also offer an install service using our own people if required.

Finished Building:

Take a look at the finished article, a fantastic space, a brilliant looking building and a great place to chill out.

oak pool with oak roof trusses

If you’ve got a vision in mind that you’d like us to develop, we’d love to discuss this with you. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services and to turn your ideas into a reality.

Telephone: 01924 730103

Website: timberstruc.co.uk

Email: e-mail: info@timberstruc.co.uk

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