oak pool with oak roof trusses

The beauty of oak roof trusses

Exposed roof trusses give spaces a unique aesthetic, exposing the craftsmanship of the property and shifting the eye line down.

When restoring old homes, it is common to expose wooden beams to bring the property’s history to the fore. Some new properties also have exposed trusses that are purely cosmetic to give the illusion of an older, period home.

Making the ordinary beautiful 

When it comes to feature trusses, oak is preferred. Oak has a distinctive straight-lined grain and a natural golden colour. It can be stained and oiled to bring out features in the grain, or it can be left to age naturally with a silvery tone.   

Oak roof trusses are beautiful because they have a rustic aesthetic that requires no special stains to make them that way. Oak lends itself well to low and high roofs, and it can have a modern or traditional cut to match the aesthetic of your house.

Whether it’s a piece of furniture or ceiling trusses, one of the unique abilities of oak is to make ordinary spaces beautiful.

The different types of oak trusses 

Plain ceilings can be transformed with oak roof trusses, and there are a wide range of styles to choose from, depending on your space:

Scissor trusses

Also known as vaulted trusses, scissor trusses have two bottom truss beams that cross each other connected to angled top beams, creating an inverted V shape.

King post trusses

King post trusses use a vertical central post with a support beam below. They are used when we need to support the weight of an expanding roof.

Queen post trusses

Queen post trusses have the same functionality as king post trusses with the addition of a second vertical post, letting it span longer.

Flat top trusses

Flat top trusses are specified in spaces with limited headroom. They have a top chord parallel to the bottom chord over the entire length of the truss.

There are several more types of roof trusses; the ones above are the most common. The correct trusses for your roof depends on the shape of your roof and the available space. We can size and specify trusses following a survey.

Find out more about oak trusses

Our oak roof trusses are individually designed and manufactured in our West Yorkshire factory. You can speak to us about your project anytime. Call us on 01924 730 103 or email info@timberstruc.co.uk for a no-obligation chat today.

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